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Steve CarltonJohnny BenchWillie Mc CoveyHank Aaron
Vida BlueCarlton FiskRod Carew Willie Mays
Bob GibsonJoe MorganWillie Stargell
Nolan RyanMaury WillsReggie Jackson
Tom SeaverMike SchmidtBarry Bonds
Rollie FingersBrooks RobinsonRoberto Clemente
Dennis EckerslyOzzie Smith
Rod BeckMark Mc Gwire
Bruce Sutter

I would choose the following umpires to work the games this team would be involved in : Doug Harvey, Dutch Rennert,Frank Pulli and Eddie Montague. (I know they all were/are NL umpires. If anybody has nominations from the American League let me know.)

To be selected a player must have been playing since I have been a baseball fan. (Since I was eight which means 1970). I know I have left off some great players. Please feel free to weigh in with your opinion by email me

I am also trying to come up with an all time all "Steve" team. So Far all I have are Steve Carlton, Steve Yeager,Steve Garvey,Steve Bedrosian and Steve Reed. Since two of them played for the dreaded Dodgers, I need help. Please feel free to email me with suggestion.(Use the link above)